Concept Capital Limited is a London based strategic entrepreneurial investment and infrastructure development company incorporated under the Companies Act in England and Wales that specialises in unlocking wealth for its clients. The company creates wealth for its mainly international client base by exploiting investment opportunities in high growth markets.

Although we will explore and participate in any viable investment opportunity globally the company's main focus is on the emerging markets of the Indian Sub continent, Agri sector in the African continent and Infrastructure development activities in UAE.

India itself is a stable, highly industrialised country with a dynamic economy. Due to the country's recently achieved and ongoing political reform, huge returns on investment is being realised.

Investor confidence in the Indian economic future has always been growing and more positive. This is due in part to sound economic policy as well as international acclaim for the peaceful manner in which political transition was achieved. Concept Capital is uniquely positioned to take advantage of opportunities being realised through the economic transformation process. Due to strategic partnerships, in the private sector, the company is able to structure favourable transactions which not only is beneficial to its clients, but also impacts positively on the economic growth and socio-political environment of the country and that of the region as a whole.

India's latest technological advancement in the Air Surface and Sea Transportation, Telecommunications, Banking and Economic Infrastructure is an excellent platform from which to access development potential in Whole of India. The country is seen as the gateway for unlocking the vast potential of Mineral and natural resources of the continent.

It is against this background, Concept Capital is able to provide an unique value added service to its clients. Due to its considerable expertise in deal negotiation and facilitating high finance deals, the company is able to maximize investor returns and in the process connect developers, corporate clients with international corporate finance interest

Concept Capital has extensive resources throughout India that provides the company with the tools to conduct comprehensive analysis on Indian initiatives. Wide-ranging consultation and research services include: