Risk Management

Through an extensive and well-established network, Concept Capital is able to procure strategic equity as well as debt investment in the high growth sectors of the emerging as well as developed markets.

One of the company's strengths is its ability to not only secure high growth investments, but to be able to manage the associated risks. Risks such as country, company, currency and interest rates are identified, quantified and managed on an ongoing basis.

Deal Structuring

Concept Capital has an experienced negotiating team that incorporates various professional disciplines to ensure that it offers the best possible service to its clients. Through close participation with various financial institutions, the Company is able to structure investments through the utilisation of value added products. This enables the company to provide its clients with the best possible tax strategies or leveraged buyout structures for their specific needs.

Although India is deemed to be a partially free market economy, a competition policy exists, as is the case with most economies of the free world. Certain practices, referred to as "restrictive practices that hinder competition between businesses, or between businesses, their suppliers and/or customers", is strictly defined in legislation and is not allowed. Such practices include strategies like price-fixing, collusive tendering, restricting output and investment and market sharing.

All the employees' of the Company strictly believe in following the guidelines of various statutory bodies of several central Government policies and the Central Bank of the concerned country to ensure that its clients are not in contravention of such laws and that investment practices take place according to the stipulations of the Government where applicable.

Investors need further to consider what tax implications a possible investment may attract. We assist clients with their tax strategies to ensure cost efficient investment.

Technology Implementation

We specialize in implementing power plants using waste as the source of raw material for generating power and gas. The Company is also directly involved in the equity participation in a mega Cement manufacturing activity thru its associate Company based out of Hyderabad India. Technology for both the product manufacturing is received from Germany and is unique in the world. We will be the only implementation partner for the Germany Company.We also hold the technology for implementing Geo-Thermal energy projects for Air-Conditioning and heating requirement for domestic as well as for commercial establishments.

Structuring Solutions for Business

Concept Capital, specializing in providing asset based working capital and term debt financing, securing subordinated debt investments, and facilitating related financial restructuring solutions to growing or recapitalizing companies with revenues from $1 million to $25 million.

For our clients prospects and referral sources we offer experience, flexibility and responsiveness - Experience obtained from the Promoters' individual involvement in the debt and capital markets for a combined 20 years. Flexibility from structuring a variety of creative financing transactions given capital availability and company requirements, and Responsiveness through management of our many relationships with diligence and professionalism.

In the end, we want to make it EASY for you to do business with us.

In the commercial finance business, Concept Capital targets growing, well-managed companies that have annual revenues ranging from $1 million to $100 million and have working capital needs of up to $5 million. We offer two distinct working capital programs - through a Revolving Receivables Purchase Facility, and through a Revolving Credit Facility. Each is delivered in a dependable, price competitive, user-friendly solution where financial position and historical performance generally determine the program that best fits the specific situation. We at Concept Capital as a matter of standard operating professional practice, will respond with a proposal within 48 hours, once a qualified package is received, if an interest to move forward is warranted.

Although our clients represent diverse industries, the common bond remains the need for aggressive working capital financing beyond structural limitations resulting from conventional bank financing. Our mission, therefore, is to provide an alternative source of working capital that combines the strong emphasis on client relationships, normally associated with commercial banks, along with the commitment to strive for responsiveness and flexibility in underwriting and funding.